St. Anastasia Catholic School

629 Glen Flora Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085



                                                                                  January 18, 2019


Hi Everyone,

The year has been flying by and we have been counting each day since the first day of Kindergarten.  We will celebrate the 100th DAY OF KINDERGARTEN on Friday, February 1st.  We will have a fun-filled day doing lots of activities using the number 100.  We will share our 100 COLLECTIONS, make a 100 treat snack and count and write to 100!  Please read the letter in your child's folder about sending in a 100 collection.  The kids already have many great ideas for their collection!

We go outside for recess everyday when the temperature is above 20 degrees.  Please make sure your child has a hat and mittens or gloves.  Girls can put on sweatpants or leggings under their uniform before going outside.  If girls wear leggings to school under their uniform, they will have to take the leggings off during school time.  Our classroom is very warm.  Please remember to write your child's name in all of their clothing.  We have an unclaimed hoodie size small in our classroom right now.

Today the FRIDAY TAKE-HOME READING FOLDER will go home in your child's backpack.  This week there is only a word list (no book).  Some of the words are nonsense words, but they teach us how to blend the letter sounds.  We read a word 3 times.  First we say each letter sound and touch each letter as we say the sound (d-o-c). Then we blend the sounds together and slide our finger under each letter ( dddoooccc). Last we say the whole word together (doc).  Ask your student to show you how to do it!   Each Friday this folder will go home with a Superkids book and/or a word list.  Please read the word list 3 times over the weekend.  Keep the word list at home to practice during the week, but return the reading log and folder on Monday.  The more you read with your child, the more confident they will become with sounding out words.  

Please review the uniform code for our school.  Please make sure your child is wearing the correct socks  (no ankle socks)  and shoes.  The only rule kindergarten is exempt from is belts.  Students in kindergarten do not have to wear belts.  Please label all clothing items with your child's name.  Our classroom lost and found has several sweatshirts already!

Every day your child will bring home their TAKE HOME FOLDER.  Please review the day's papers with your child and keep those papers at home.  If anything needs to be returned to school, please place it inside the folder.  This folder must be returned to school each day.

We have homework almost every night.   Math homework will require an adult to read the directions to your child.  If a letter writing or number writing sheet is assigned, please guide your child so they practice making the letter or number correctly.  Thank you for all of the help you are giving your child at home.  Completing the homework gives them the extra practice that builds confidence and success.

Kindergarten has gym every Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Students wear their gym clothes and gym shoes to school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Our library day has changed to Friday.   Please return the library book by the following Friday so your child can check out a new library book.


Here's whats going on in our classes:

RELIGION----- We are learning about our parish and what it means to be a part of St. Anastasia Parish.  We are learning about all of the activities and organizations of our parish. 

READING------ Our  Superkid friends, Tic, Tac and Toc are helping us learn the letter Tt. We are reading words that have t at the beginning or end of the word.  Some of our words will be nonsense words, but they will teach us to blend the letters together.  We practice reading and making words everyday.  PLEASE PRACTICE THE WORD LIST EVERY DAY AT HOME!!!!!    They should read each word by sounding out each letter then slide their finger to blend the sounds.  Practicing the word list each night is very important to helping your child become a strong reader. We will meet our new Superkid friend on Monday!

MATH---------- We are learning how to subtract numbers 0-10. We love acting out subtraction problems!

SCIENCE------- We are learning what animals need to help them live.  

SOCIAL STUDIES----We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all of the great things he accomplished.  We read several books that told us his story.  



 Monday, Tuesday and Friday----Gym


 Monday, Jan. 21st-----No School


Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Sirois