St. Anastasia Catholic School

629 Glen Flora Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085

Weekly Plans

Scholastic Code: GWJXH
Week of Sept. 17th                   
Religion-  Not test due to the short week. This week will be reading stories about God's creation.
Math- We wrap up Chapter 1 on Monday by using the bar model to add and subtract numbers. On Tuesday we will be reviewing for our Chapter 1 test that will take place on Wednesday. Students will be bringing books home to help them study using the review in the back of the book.
Science- Our main focus for the week will be learning about how scientists use tools.  We will be learning terms such as: graduated cylinder and microscope.
Social Studies- We begin Week 3 with learning the difference between a physical  and political map. We will be learning about the seven continents and taking a deep look into the desert ecosystem.
Reading- Our reading focus for the week is comparing/contrasting characters and sequencing events. Our story for the week is called, "Pop's Bridge." We will be learning new vocabulary, as well as building our reading fluency and comprehension
Spelling - All of our words this week are spelled with the long o sound.
Grammar- Our grammar focus for the week is identifying common and proper nouns. 
Writing- We are still working on setting goals for ourselves by creating New Year Resolutions. We will work our way into creating our first Narrative piece together.