St. Anastasia Catholic School

629 Glen Flora Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085



From Room 3!




Important Dates to Remember:

1-21 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School

1-23 1st Grade hosts Mass

1-24 Hot Dog Day


Reading- Your child read Golly Went Sniffing. Students learned the meaning if the prefix –un. We read and wrote words using the prefix. The children responded to questions about the poem to demonstrate comprehension. Students wrote their own sensory poems writing a line for each of our senses. Our word wall words are father, run, mother, into, kind. *Reading with an adult for 20-30 minutes daily is required for all students. Have your child make flash cards of the word wall words for practice at home. Reading homework is due back by Wednesday the following week.


Writing- Students wrote sentences using our new word wall words. We continue to focus on proper use of capitals, ending punctuation, letter formation, line placement, and correct spelling of all word wall words. Your child completed a journal entry about how animals survive in winter.  *Check your child’s written work for proper letter formation, line placement, correct use of capitals and end marks, and sentence structure. 


Math- We continued working on subtraction. Students practiced showing all the ways to take apart various numbers. We looked for patterns in the numbers we took away and the differences. *Math homework is due back by Wednesday of the following week.


Religion- Our work in chapter 5 continued. We read together to learn about the life of Jesus when he was a child. Students learned that some of the things in his life are the same as our own lives today.


Science- We finished our animals in winter unit with a fun project. Students made cereal garlands to hang or drape in trees or shrubs to help animals find food!     


Social Studies- Students completed their 3-D snowman pictures. They look fantastic! We created kindness posters as part of our Olweus program. Students listened to a story about Dr. King to learn about his life.