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Hello Terrier Supporters,


Welcome to Saint Anastasia Terriers Athletics. We are committed to the overall vision and mission of the school. The department‘s goal is to have our student athletes reach their full potential in all areas. Through their participation in the Saint Anastasia School athletic program, students will develop life-long skills and positive values. These values include: leadership, healthy living habits, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, respect for the rules and regulations, and the ability to participate through victory or defeat.


Extracurricular activities are an important part of the Saint Anastasia Catholic School’s curriculum. While our number one goal as a school is to provide a sound academic experience for our students, extracurricular activities provide special opportunities for participants to promote their mental, physical, social and emotional development. We feel these contributions to the overall development of our young men and women are essential. Winning is not the final measurement of success in extra-curricular activities. We strive for quality in preparation, in presentation, in sportsmanship, and in the efforts of our participants.


If you are enrolled in a Saint Anastasia Religious Ed. program in accordance with the Chicago Arch Diocese adopted partial enrollment policy, you may be eligible for inter scholastic athletics participation at the school where you are enrolled and attending. Please contact the Principal or myself, the Athletics Director for details.


All students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities throughout their attendance at Saint Anastasia. The Saint Anastasia School Athletic Program has a “no cut” policy. Meaning every child will have an opportunity to learn and to play. Parents, family, and community members are also encouraged to take an active part in our school to ensure students have the opportunity to excel in many areas of personal development, including academics and athletics.


Our school offers girls and boys basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Our conference, the Lake County Catholic Conference has joined forces with our neighboring conference to become a larger, much more competitive Northeast Illinois Catholic Conference.


As an athlete, you ARE NOT eligible to participate in any sport UNTIL the following items have been completed and filed with the athletic department:

  1. IESA or DCFS Child Safety Certificate Physical examination card filled out by physician or physician’s assistant
  2. Concussion Agreement received and signed
  3. Emergency release for treatment card signed by parent/guardian
  4. Waiver of liability and assumption of risk statement signed by parent/guardian
  5. The Student Athlete Agreement signed by the athlete
  6. The Parent Agreement signed by the parent/guardian
  7. All previous season's sport equipment/uniforms etc. have been turned in
  8. Fees and uniform deposits are paid

Parent/guardian and student athletes should fully understand and appreciate the risk of serious personal injury associated with participation in the educational sports program provided by Saint Anastasia School. Athletic activities can be hazardous, and taking part in such activities is a calculated risk on the part of the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s). It is also understandable that to many young adults, the potential benefits exceed the potential hazards. The very element of calculated risk makes the participation a stimulating adventure and satisfies the student athletes’ desires for competition, strenuous effort, and creative activity. Reducing injuries to a minimum without subtraction from this adventure is a continuous goal of our coaching and administrative staff.


All students are strongly encouraged to participate in these activities to foster friendships, healthy lifestyles, and skill development. Our athletes strive for academic, personal, and athletic successes. Our programs are designed in their own way to teach success and failure as a natural part of life and to instill a personal pride for one’s self and one’s team. Through cooperation, dedication, and enthusiasm their achievements surpass expectations!


Please contact us via email or by phone at (847) 623-8320 with any questions or concerns that you may have and one of us will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


Thanks for your interest in St. Anastasia Sports!! Let us all look forward to another great year!!


Jennifer Beltrame, Athletics Director 

Larry Sobczak, Assistant AD