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Annual School Appeal

Giving to St. Anastasia Catholic School


Dear St. Anastasia School Supporter,


Thank you for your continuous support of St. Anastasia Catholic School. Without your help year after year we would not be able to provide an excellent education for our children!
We are conducting our Annual School Appeal this fall in light of the increased need for additional tuition assistance. Although we have been able to help many families, we have several parents who are still on a waiting list for assistance. Therefore, with God’s graces, we are appealing to your heartfelt generosity so these children can continue their education at St. Anastasia.  We know you understand the value of a Catholic Education, most especially during these challenging times for our families.

In addition we continue to help families with extraordinary needs with our Echar una Mano program.  This year we have six families who are recipients of scholarships.  Your continued support of this program is very helpful to these families, and they are extremely grateful.

Our Annual Appeal has also made it possible to update our curriculum in the past and continue to provide technology upgrades in the school.  These programs and enhancements would not be possible without the generosity of donors like you.

Click here for information from the Archdiocese of Chicago on the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship program.  If you are interested in making a donation and getting a credit on your Illinois income tax, this is a great option, as you can designate the donation to go specifically to St. Anastasia Catholic School.

If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Harris in the school office at 847-623-2875, ext. 231, or

Your commitment is important to the ongoing success of St. Anastasia.  On behalf of the teachers and staff of St. Anastasia, warmest regards to you and your family during this blessed holiday season.



Dennis Zalecki



Denise Akana


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“Fundraising is a very rich and beautiful activity.  It is a confident, joyful, and hope-filled expression of ministry.  In ministering to each other, each from the riches that he or she possesses, we work together for the full coming of God’s Kingdom.” 

Henri J. M. Nouwen