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St. Annie's Announcements - 2/8

Please complete your re-enrollment form for the upcoming school year and return to the school office with your
$100 family registration fee. The fee goes up May 1st.
If you are not planning on returning to St. Anastasia,
please let me know.
Please order lunches for March by February 15th!
Next Thursday, we will be awarding the first classroom prize for the most tickets sold! So get your tickets in by THURSDAY (2/15) for your child's class to win an OUT OF UNIFORM DAY on Friday the 16th.
We NEED volunteers to help for pizza and hot dog lunch for the remainder of the year. If we do not have volunteers we will have to cancel the remaining lunches.
A special thank you to Mrs. Carina Vega who is running the program for us this year - but she cannot do it alone!
Please sign-up using the following link:
And don't forget about...
Before Christmas vacation, each family received five (5) tickets for the Ticket Full of Miracles raffle to take place during our St. Patrick's Day party in March. This year, tickets are only $20 each,
but the $10,000 grand prize is still in place!!
As part of your family obligation,
you have agreed to sell 5 tickets, for a total of $100.
If you do not sell your five tickets, you will be billed for any amount remaining. This agreement was part of your tuition contract as well as in the family handbook.
Please see attached letter for more information.
To get your tuition and/or AM extended care payments for the 2017 tax year, please follow the instructions attached.
Innovation Learning emailed their tax reports a few weeks ago, they were included in your last statement (dated 1/24) or you can pull a report on the parent portal - instructions below.
Reduce your Tuition w/SCRIP
 Don’t buy gift cards at CVS or Walmart, order them through our SCRIP program. The school receives a rebate for each gift card purchased and 50% of that rebate gets posted towards your tuition. Please read through the attached information and call Judy Galarza at 847-271-2036 to learn more about SCRIP.
-To order lunches, click here Boonli Lunch
Pizza/Hot Dog Day Forms
Looking to get involved in your child's school? FSA is in need of some new board members! What a great way to get involved and help plan fun activities that happen throughout the year.
Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped us this week with our different activities, from Muffins with Mom, Donuts with Dad, and our Staff Appreciation Luncheon to take place tomorrow. We truly appreciate all the help!!!
Basketball Season is winding down and Volleyball is just beginning: The following practice times have been set:
4/5/6 Boys - Mon/Wed 5:30-7PM
4/5th Girls - Thurs/Fri 3-4:30 PM
6th Girls - Thurs/Fri 6-7:30 PM
Thursday, 2/8/18 6th grade girls @ HRK (Village Church of Gurnee on Hunt Club Rd) at 5:30 pm
Saturday, 2/10/18 5th grade girls play at East Lake Academy in Lake Forest @ 11:00 am
Wednesday, 2/14/18 6th grade girls @ St. Gilbert in Grayslake @ 7:00 pm
Saturday, 2/17/18 5th grade girls play at HOME @ 11:00 am
Monday, 2/22/18 6th grade girls @ HOME vs. St. Joseph - Libertyville @ 6:00 pm (no charge at the door)
Saturday, 2/24/18 5th grade girls play at St. Joseph - Libertyville @ 12:00 pm
Saturday, 3/3/18 5th grade girls play at Prince of Peace in Lake Villa @ 10:00 am
Thursday3/8/18 6th grade girls @ Frassati @ 6:00 pm
Saturday, 3/10/18 5th grade girls play at East Lake Academy in Lake Forest @ 1:00 pm
2/11 - Family Formation
2/13 - Classroom Valentine's Parties
2/14 - Ash Wednesday
2/16 - Stations of the Cross 2:00
Family Fun Night - People's Choice
2/18 - 6th Grade Hosts the 11:00AM Mass
2/19 - No School (President's Day)
2/21 - Hot Dog Lunch
2/23 - Stations of the Cross
End of Trimester 2
With all the technology devices in the hands of our students, and all the media apps available to our students, it is imperative we keep on top of what our children/students are doing with technology. This section will be a resource for parents to learn more about digital citizenship so that together we can ensure our children/students are using technology safely.
Control Your Phone. Don't Let It Control You.
Tips for using your device intentionally and being a great digital role model By Sierra Filucci 2/1/2018
As adults we're pretty savvy when it comes to advertising and commercials. Those juicy cheeseburgers or shiny new cars look pretty appealing, sure, but we know the tricks advertisers use to tempt us, from upbeat music to attractive young models. Now, how many of us have tapped an icon on our phones to check a quick email only to look up an hour later and wonder where the time went? When it comes to our phones and other digital technology, we might not be as savvy as we think.
We might not know, for instance, that engineers and designers use the color red in notifications to trigger an emotional response that makes us want to click or swipe. Or that auto-play functions are designed to hijack our good judgment. And more and more of us are feeling addicted to technology. As a few key members in the tech industry start coming forward -- including Tristan Harris, founder of the Center for Humane Technology and a senior fellow at Common Sense -- we're starting to understand why it's so hard to put our phones down.
According to Harris, this is all by design. And if we feel tethered to our little devices, imagine how our kids feel. So if we want to be good digital role models and make sure our families are using tech in healthy ways, we need to fight back against these tricks. We need to show our kids how to get all the benefits of these mini-computers in our pockets without forgetting to put people first.
Here are some simple tips -- recommended by Harris -- to work around the tricks phone designers use to keep us hooked:
Turn off all notifications, except those from people. Notifications can be helpful when they let you know something important needs your attention, like a text from your kid or an email from your boss. But most notifications are sent by machines, not people. And they're designed to draw you into interacting with an app you might not otherwise prioritize. Go to your phone's settings (on iPhones, it's Settings > Notifications) to turn off everything except messaging apps or other crucial tools.
Go grayscale. All those colorful apps? They're designed to trigger your brain's reward system and make you feel good. If you want to check your phone less, cutting off this trigger may help. It won't be easy, though. We're pretty hooked on all those flashy colors. But most phones let you choose muted colors. On iPhones, you can go full grayscale. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations. Turn on Color Filters, and set to "Grayscale."
Limit what's on your home screen. Keep only your email, maps, calendar, and whatever else you use daily front and center. Put all those other apps -- from games to recipes -- into folders or move to the second or third screens. If you don't see them right away, you'll be less likely to use them.
Type to find apps. Tapping is so easy! It's easy enough that we do it without even thinking sometimes. But if you need to take the time to type the name of the app, it gives your brain a second to consider whether you really need to play another game of Candy Crush.
Take social media off your phone. You'll likely be more intentional about when and where you dip into Facebook and Instagram if you only do it on a computer. If you're a regular social media user, you might be amazed to find how much time you actually spend on these apps. And when you feel the urge to add them back to your phone, consider where that compulsion is coming from.
Charge your phone outside of your bedroom. It's so easy to roll over, tap snooze on your buzzing phone, and delve right into the latest news or last night's work emails. But is that really the habit you want to create? And for kids, having a phone by the bed is known to cause sleep problems. Invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock and keep phones away from sleeping bodies overnight.
Fight fire with fire. It's ironic, but downloadable apps and extensions remove some of the triggers built in by designers and engineers and help you to be more conscious of what you're doing. Harris recommends Apple's Night Shift setting to reduce the phone's stimulating blue light, as well as apps such as MomentFreedom, and InboxWhenReady. Plus, there are other apps to help kids stay focused while on devices, plus some great tools that can help kids and adults reduce digital distraction.
For more information about internet safety and kids, go to Common Sense Media at There is a link to their website on the St. Anastasia home page.
Also, check out this new documentary about raising kids who will make an impact in today’s society:
The movie is showing February 27th and March 1st in select theaters.